Fireworks that look like a weeping willow tree (Photo: GetHiroshima)

Kintaikyo Fireworks Festival 2024

Colorful and fun fireworks festival in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi

JJ Walsh   - 1分鐘閱讀時間
活動地點 : Kintai Bridge 時間 : Early Aug 2024

One of Japan's most traditional and historical bridges is located in Yamaguchi in the city of Iwakuni. Every year this world heritage site is the location of the annual fireworks festival held at the beginning of August.

Although the weather is humid and hot, spending the day picnicking and splashing in the river is a great way to beat the summer heat. Food and game stalls are set up on the sandy area near the bridge and taiko performances start at dusk. The crowd is friendly and international as many residents from the nearby American base come to enjoy the festival as well as the locals. The fireworks begin at 8pm and last for 90 minutes.


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