A ship leaves port as a yacht returns (Photo: Tristan Scholze)

Port of Yobuko

A seafarin', squid-lovin' town

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Yobuko’s natural harbor on the Genkai Sea, overlooked by ruins of the short-lived Nagoya Castle (Saga version) and its museum, has long been populated by families farming the deep. Although the small town of about 6,000 has a history of whaling, squid is now the main catch. In fact, Yobuko is famed for its fresh squid, and restaurants are what reel in the tourists here. But the harbor itself is worth the short walk along the fishing vessels and will give you an overview of the area.

Near the tour boats offering see-through hulls and visits to Nanatsugama, check out the morning fish market (7 to 11 am), running for a century now and said to be one of Japan’s “Big Three.”

呼子町—Yobuko-cho—Town of Yobuko
​七ツ釜—Nanatsugama—group of seven pot-like sea caves
呼子朝市—Yobuko Asa Ichi—Yobuko Morning Market

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