The Shrine colours reflect brialliantly during the later hours of the afternoon and early morning (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Morioka's Hachimangu Shrine

A Beautiful Hachiman Shrine

Chris Barnes   - 1分鐘閱讀時間

Morioka's Hachimangu Shrine is one of the most impressive shrines in Morioka City. Hachimangu Shrines are dedicated to Hachiman, the kami of war, which used to be particularly popular among the leading military clans of the past. As you enter under the Torii gate, you will notice the main hall sits in a commanding position at the top of the stairs. There is a purification trough located at the base of the steps, Komainu guardian dogs, along with a large stone courtyard surrounded by lush foliage and Ema boards. The relaxing grounds and beautiful gardens make this a pleasant visit whether you're there to worship or simply take in the beauty of Japan's culture.

Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes @chris.barnes

A little while ago i began exploring the world. I started in Japan, and after 29 countries of amazing adventures, i find myself back in Japan fully absorbed in its culture, its people and its beauty.