The northern shore of Lake Motosu presents a glorious view of snow-capped Mt. Fuji. The scene designed and printed on the 1,000yen bill! (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Lake Motosu at Mt Fuji in Photos

The scene designed and printed on the 1,000yen bill

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Lake Motosu (本栖湖, Motosuko) is the westernmost lake of the Fuji Five Lakes and is located in southern Yamanashi Prefecture near Mt. Fuji, Japan. At 13km in circumference, Lake Motosu is the deepest among the five lakes with a depth of 138 meters and prides itself on the outstanding clarity of its water. Outdoor activities on the lake include wind surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, and canoeing. Lake Motosu is also known for its fantastic campground, Motosuko Camping Ground. From the north shore, you can admire the same sight of Mt. Fuji as it is designed and printed on the 1,000yen bill. A spectacular view you will never forget!

Jessica A Paje

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