'Chuuka soba' ramen – tokusei, or deluxe, version (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Ramen at Tomita Shokudou

Impressive portions and meat toppings in Matsudo

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A few blocks from Tomita Ramen is another offshoot of the local Tomita Group enterprise: Tomita Shokudou, opened in 2010. With just a narrow counter seating 7 people, you'll occasionally see a queue outside during peak times but, rest assured, it's usually a shorter wait than the infamous queuing times at the honten and just as much worth trying to visit to sample their famous ramen.

The Tomita Group has expanded somewhat across Chiba since 2006, taking its much-loved brand and delivering something unique at each new opening. As well as this location down the road from where it all started, Matsudo also has the 'Taishouken Rozeo' (opened 2008) and 'Kaminari Honten' (2009) ramen shops. Further afield you'll find 'Matsudo Tomita Seimei' branches at Mitsui Outlet Park in Kisarazu (2012) and La La Port Tokyo Bay in Funabashi (2014).

Wherever you end up, expect the same quality ramen experience with servings of chuuka soba and tsukesoba, though of course each location has a different menu. All the Matsudo locations sell omiyage sets, although these are also available via their online shop.

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