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Byodoin (照片由: nicepix / Shutterstock.com)

The Byodoin Temple in the city of Uji near Kyoto adorns the reverse of the Japanese 10 yen coin and is best known for its distinctive “phoenix hall”. The original building was built in 998 as a nobleman's villa and later by a member of the then Influential Fujiwara clans acquired and converted into a temple.



116 Uji-renge, Uji City (路線)


8:30 - 17:30 Closed now


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星期天 8:30 - 17:30
假期 8:30 - 17:30


  • UNESCO世界遺產


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10-minute walk from JR Uji Station on the JR Nara Line 10-minute walk from Keihan Uji Station on the Keihan Railway Uji Line




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47 浪人

Hoyee Tse


京都 4.8k
宇治 中村藤吉本店

宇治 中村藤吉本店


[photo] 中村藤吉是宇治的名店,幾乎所有的旅遊書都會提到,同時也是許多遊客必定造訪的抹茶名店之一。 [photo] 從JR宇治站前,往正對面的街道走入,即可看到中村藤吉,是一間日式風格的建築。 [photo] [photo] 店內還有販售一些周邊商品,例如杯墊、桌墊等,都是布織品,本來想買一塊桌墊,帶回家當我桌上茶具的墊子,但看到價錢之後,幾經考慮,還是決定放棄了。價格實在太高,這樣一小塊布竟然要台幣六百多元,實在太貴了。 中村藤吉主要是以販售抹茶類的甜點冰品為主,不過也有些熟食可點。 生茶ゼリイ¥720 [photo] 用竹筒裝的生茶ゼリイ,其中有一大球抹茶冰淇淋、三顆白湯圓、抹茶凍以及紅豆。香甜紅豆搭上微苦的抹茶,味道中和,可惜紅豆有點少,讓人意猶未盡。冰淇淋 的抹茶味濃郁,不死甜,反而帶了點茶的苦味,白湯圓吃起來就與台灣的小白湯圓差不多,抹茶凍同樣也是帶著茶香以及些微苦味。這整碗冰品吃起來不會讓人感到 非常甜膩,而是抹茶的清爽。不過份量真是不少,吃完之後有點飽足感。 此外,中村藤吉也有外帶的商品販售,同樣是買伴手禮的好地方。本來想買抹茶巧克力,但包裝表示需冷藏,怕又會跟去年去首爾帶回的抹茶巧克力一樣融化,最後還是決定買個不會融化的糖果,有點可惜。 中村藤吉本店 地址:日本國京都府宇治市宇治壱番十番地 電話:0774-227800 網站:http://www.tokichi.jp/ Agoda推薦京都住宿 京都皇家飯店@三條/河原町#地鐵京都市役所前站 京都烏丸五条超级飯店@烏丸五條#地鐵五條站 Sakura Terrace@京都車站#地鐵九條站 京都蒙特娄飯店@烏丸#地鐵烏丸站 新阪急飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 京都格蘭比亞飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 卡莫加瓦堪飯店@三條/河原町#地鐵京都市役所前站 京都阿爾蒙特旅館@京都車站#JR京都站 京都新都飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 京都四條麥斯泰飯店@烏丸#地鐵烏丸站 京都八条大和魯內飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 京都京阪飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 阿蘭維特飯店@烏丸五條#地鐵五條站 晴鴨樓旅店@烏丸五條#地鐵五條站 東橫INN 京都五條烏丸@烏丸五條#地鐵五條站 京都大倉飯店@三條/河原町#地鐵京都市役所前站 首先小屋京都烏丸@四條/烏丸#地鐵四條站 京都威斯汀都飯店@東山/祗園#地鐵祗園四條站 京都大飯店@京都車站#JR京都站 延伸閱讀: [食記] 宇治 伊藤久右衛門 [食記] 京都 よーじやカフェ Yojiya cafe [食記] 京都 中村屋可樂餅 [食記] 京都 京蒸しまん本舖 [食記] 京都 龍安寺香葉茶 [食記] 京都 練薬膳点心 [食記] 京都 田中鶏卵 [食記] 京都 餅寅 光秀饅頭 [食記] 京都 まつばや手作抹茶泡芙 [食記] 京都 おはぎの丹波屋 [食記] 京都 梅山堂清水燒 [食記] 神戶 Juchheim 德式蛋糕 [食記] 神戶 神戶六甲牧場 [食記] 大阪 天保山名物 さとの花燒

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【祢ざめ家】是小魚兒在找資料時無意間看到不少人分享鰻魚飯的店家~ 一直對鰻魚飯沒有太大興趣的大熊和小魚兒不斷地聽見身旁的朋友說日本的鰻魚飯有多美味~ 【祢ぎめ家】價位還算親民,於是將此店家納入口袋名單中,若有機會就來去嚐嚐~

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Ujigami Shrine

Ujigami Shrine

Located in Uji, the city renowned for green tea, Ujigami shrine is Japan’s oldest existing shrine. Among the country’s thousands of shrines, Ujigami shrine was one of the first — allegedly built during the year 1060. Although the shrine is rather off the beaten track, its convenient location makes it easy to combine visits with nearby Byodo-in Temple and Uji-gawa Shrine. Ujigami-jinja’s grounds are quiet and serene, located away from the bustling tourist attractions in central Kyoto. It was originally built to honor Emperor Ojin and his sons, after one of the princes committed suicide in a selfless effort to solve the dispute over imperial succession. Now, Ujigami shrine also serves as the guardian shrine for Byodo-in Temple. Visitors to Ujigami-jinja will also notice the abundance of rabbit motifs. The puzzling presence of rabbits is related to a myth about a divine rabbit that guided the lost prince back to town. Since then, the rabbit has been honored in the form of figurines, omikuji and more in the city of Uji. The temple’s springwater is said to have special qualities, making it the best choice for use in traditional tea ceremonies — rated to be among the 'Seven best waters of Uji'. Its main Honden building is also believed to be the oldest remaining example of nagare-zukuri-style architecture. Being host to such historically significant sites, it is no wonder that Ujigami-jinja was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

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Obakusan Mampukuji Temple

Obakusan Mampukuji Temple

Ōbaku-san Manpuku-ji is a temple located in Uji, Kyoto. It is the head temple of the Japanese Ōbaku Zen sect, named after Wanfu Temple in Fujian, China. The mountain is likewise named after Mount Huangbo, where the Chinese temple is situated. [Wikipedia]

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Daigo-ji Temple

Daigo-ji Temple

Founded in 874, Daigo-ji Temple is one of Kyoto's most scenic religious sites. The hillside temple grounds make it a prime spot for cherry blossom and fall foliage, and its traditional buildings add to the rustic charm of the landscape. The main temple grounds are located is at the foot of the mountain and is connected to several other temple buildings around the summit via a hiking trail. The Daigo-ji also plays an important role in the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. Its main buildings are home to dozens of valuable cultural artifacts, which has resulted in the Daigo-ji Temple being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The main area of ​​the temple is home to the Reihokan Museum, which preserves and exhibits the temple's vast collection of historical documents and art objects, including statues and paintings.

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