The Buddhist statues line the left and right side walls, each statue represented by a different face and gesture (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Hoonji Temple

Home of 500 Buddhist Disciples

Chris Barnes   - 1分鐘閱讀時間

Hoonji Temple is nestled in amongst some of Morioka's most beautiful temples along Teramachidori Ave, one of Japan's 100 Best Roadscapes. The temple is largely known as the home of 500 Buddhist Disciples statues, which were hand crafted between 1731 and 1735 by nine artesians from Kyoto. Hoonji Temple was built in 1394 by the 13th Lord of the Nanbu Family, Moriyuki, and moved to its present location by the 27th Lord, Tashinao in 1601. Hoonji Temple has been known as a Zen training temple for monks, a family temple for 1,000 families and is also a place of Zen meditation for the public. The 500 Buddhist statues, located in the Rakando Hall, are nothing short of spectacular and really is a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. Today, only 499 statues remain, most of which are visible to the public seven days per week from 09:00 ~ 16:00. Admission for adults is 300 yen, and children 100 yen.

Chris Barnes

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